to my site and thank you for considering me to be your wedding videographer. I'm excited by the possibility of us working together. Feel free to browse through our site and view more of our wedding films. If you would like more information on availability and pricing, please contact us.


MEMORIES fade with time...

Do you recall the details of your Wedding Day after ten years ago? We notice daily how fast time flies and with it, our memories. This happens as well with the memories of your wedding. Memories fade away with time. Your wedding film secures the fleeting memories and makes your recollection of them increasingly enjoyable as the moving images on your dvd age like a fine wine. Play your dvd on your upcoming anniversaries. Share the memories and joy of the moment with friends and family as often as you'd like for years to come.

ONCE your wedding day is over....

You'll began to enjoy what we produce once your wedding day is over. That's the moment that remembering begins... the exchanging of the rings... the laughter.. the tears.. the hugs and congratulations from your loved ones- all of this we represent professionally and cinematically in your wedding documentary.

A WEDDING film captures emotion...

A wedding film keeps not only the images but also the emotion of your event secure. A professionally produced wedding video provides what no photograph can: it enables you to relive the atmosphere of your ceremony and celebration again and again. The movements, music, and voices all of which exceed the limits of what a photo can provide come through in broadcast quality for you to relive and share, whenever, wherever, and as often as you'd like.






I believe that pricing shouldn’t be confusing & that selecting a videography package shouldn’t be a chore. Our options are simple & straight forward. Please send me request vitaliy.savchuk@gmail.com & I will quickly reach out to you with our most current packages!


I have designed our services to make them as simple as possible for you to hire a wedding videographer for your wedding. You only pay for the time you need us and the features that are important to you. I would love the opportunity to talk with you and explain our services; I want to make sure we are a good fit for what you are looking for. contact us.


I value the expression and commitment you are making. Months of planning go into creating the wedding of your dreams; our job is to capture the event and edit a video for you to share with family and friends. With more than 7 years experience filming and editing I know how to capture what is important and not be the center of attention at your wedding.


By focusing on the most important moments (ceremony, first dance, toasts and cake cutting) and creating packages with fewer hours so we are only filming for the hours needed, we are able to offer affordable and professional wedding video.


MY VISION, Making Film, not just videos

To me, a wedding is such a special day because it is not only the culmination of months or years of planning, but is the heralding of a new chapter in a couple's life. The love and union of the bride and groom and the magnificent energy of friends and family coming together touches my very core. From a moving speech delivered by the best man, to the stirring moment when a father lets go of his daughter's hand after walking her down the aisle, to the incomparable look between a bride and groom during their first dance together, the wedding is filled with riveting moments that take your breath away - moments that I am dedicated to preserving for family and friends to cherish for years to come.

Available worldwide, Austin wedding Videographer, Texas. Berlin hochzeitsvideo, Germany.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information: vitaliy.savchuk@gmail.com

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